KOKAM's Values and Vision

Committed to moral and responsible behaviors

KOKAM strives to meet all legal and moral requirements and, whenever possible, we’ll strive to transcend these requirements. Our responsibility is to carry out business in accordance with the highest professional and moral standards and practices: our company will never tolerate any non-compliance behaviors.

Our principle in the aspect of “being brave to shoulder responsibility” can be called as a compass for us to make business decisions. We also must encourage our business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to follow the same moral standards.

Achieve excellent performance and operation results

The pursuit of excellence is the goal that we try to realize in every field. We develop this ambitious goal according to our vision, and provide excellent quality and power system solutions beyond customer needs under its guidance. We’re always on our way.

The pursuit of excellence also means attracting the best talents in the market. We will help these talents master the skills needed for success and give them the best opportunities to tap their potentials. We are committed to creating a high-performance corporate culture.

The pursuit of excellence is not only related to what we do today, but also requires us to find a road of continuous improvement. This requires us to embrace changes flexibly and positively, so as to ensure that we can firmly grasp the new opportunities.

Dare to innovate and create sustainable value

Innovation has become the cornerstone of success for KOKAM’s business and R&D is the basic impetus for KOKAM’s development strategy. As the holder of a part of key patents of battery, whether in terms of mature process or in terms of the developing technology, we are the strong partner of our customers. Our goal is to occupy a leading position in the numerous businesses that we are involved in.

We are the enterprise citizen whose innovation benefits the whole world. We take whether the customers are satisfied to measure whether our innovation is successful. We constantly adjust our business models so as to provide solutions for the most severe challenges jointly faced by our customers, so that we can create sustainable value.

By leading the trend, we can completely release the energy and creativity of our employees. We are creative and appreciate all the implications of such quality: originality, creativity, brainstorms and so on.

Open up with keen determination and take the lead in innovation:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Safe, stable, environmentally friendly and long-acting
  • Optimize industrial productivity
  • Create intelligent power system solutions