KOKAM in the world


KOKAM in the world

KOKAM Battery Manufacturing Co., LTD (called KOKAM company for short), founded in England,has always specialized in providing more prefect power supply solutions to users of all fields. As a result, KOKAM company’s battery products and proposals keep optimized and enriched The leading battery technology ensures its authoritative position in the battery field of world Industry. It established the global operation center KOKAM Energiesysteme for industrial backup power supply by integrated German CHLOTHAR Company in 2017. In the same year, KOKAM set up the manufacturing base in China.Its products are widely used in electric power, petrochemical engineering、 steel、communication, ocean Industry and other fields through development until now. 

The most complete RESERVE POWER product series provides the most perfect battery storage solution to the globe so as to resolve the requirements for Industrial accumulator scheme for accumulation energy and all types of power plants, transformer substation at all levels, dispatch and information of the electric power Industry to provide protection to accumulation energy and safe operation of electric power Industry.

At present, all types of accumulator products and service of KOKAM Company are spread all over the world and comply with standards and specification of all countries. It is one of the world’s largest and professional battery manufacturer and suppliers. KOKAM carries out business in more than 60 countries throughout the world and becomes the leader in battery technology field of the globe. Its global competence keeps enhanced due to global merger and acquisition and market development. The company’s goal is to become the influential battery supplier and technical leader in the globe.